OpenCV Number Plate Recognition

Number plate recognition (NPR) is a type of computer vision application that involves detecting and reading license plates from images or video streams. It has many practical applications, such as traffic enforcement, parking management, toll collection, and more. OpenCV is a powerful tool that can be used for number plate recognition. In this blog post, we will discuss the details […]


Traefik is a popular open-source reverse proxy and load balancer that is designed to handle dynamic containerized environments. It was created by Containous, a company that focuses on developing solutions for modern application deployment and orchestration. In this blog post, we will provide a detailed overview of Traefik and its key features, as well as how it can be used […]

Introduction to Docker Fundamentals

Professionals see docker as an uncontainable trend that is growing exponentially among organizations, which is why you can also find docker certification courses available for docker fundamentals. We must go through a quick knowledge of what is docker and its benefits to get a basic idea about it. Docker has gained immense popularity in the IT industry because of the extent of […]

Memcached Vs Redis, Why to pick them for web application?

Memcached is quite different from Redis.Memcached stores data in memory and loses all stored data (cache) when the server is restarted.Redis instead can be persistent and can keep stored data even when the server is restarted, more over Redis has more features ( like List, Set, Hash, etc.). We use Memcache for lot of things and it does it good, and in […]